Sunday, December 6, 2009

yo-yos and a good attitude

Last month was a blur.
It seems like tons of little things and a few big things crowded onto my calender. I can chose which of two ways to react. The first and most tempting is to freak out, stess out and reach for the nearest morsel of chocolate I can get my hands on. The second reponse is to re-balance and ask what really matters in life.
Is the stress really worth it and will it really matter in five years?
Take my favorite brown dress for example. I love that Land's End article and could have screamed at myself when I realized I had dripped a few spots of wax down the front. I did the standard iron it out attempt which worked , for some of it, but seriously it looked like I had just dribbled something down the front of me. So I did what any desparate woman on a tight budget would do. I made yo-yos. I had the fabric and the buttons.And bought a package of garage sale ric-rac.
I did something to improve my situation instead of complain about it. The result was that the dress is even better than before!
Somethings aren't as easy to fix as wax spots on a dress, but we can choose the attitude with which we view the problem. And who knows, maybe with a fresh perspective, a positive attitude and a handful of fabric scraps, things will look a little brighter.

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